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1.Rwandan jailed for genocidePascal Simbikangwa, a 54-year-old former member of the Rwandan presidential guard, was found guilty of perpetrating genocide and of complicity in crimes against humanity  to 25 years in prison over the 1994 genocide . 2.U.S. defends snooping as ‘lawful’ and ‘valid’ The United States defended its controls on mass surveillance on Friday before a U.N. watchdog body, amid a sweeping review of Washington’s record on civil and political rights.During a session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, experts from the 18-member panel repeatedly quizzed Washington’s delegation about the scale and scope of spying.
3.Road map for ‘Crimean Spring’ Crimea’s referendum on Sunday to break from Ukraine and join Russia is regarded as illegitimate by the West but seen in Moscow as an example of self-determination like Kosovo leaving Serbia. Here are some facts and figures for the vote that has sparked a security crisis on Europe’s eastern border and is being carried o…

The poor without the benefits

Restricting the price subsidy to coarse grains alone will not only work better from both fiscal and equity points of view but also weaken the incentives for graft The National Food Security Act (NFSA), passed recently by Parliament, offers 5 kg per person a month of cereals at highly subsidised prices to more than the bottom two-thirds of the population. It has been