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NITI Aayog rolls out health index (hehindu)

States to be ranked annually for various indicators

The government think tank NITI Aayog on Friday rolled out a ‘Performance on Health Outcomes’ index that will rank various States on the basis of their performance on measurable health indicators. “It [the index] is meant to capture the annual incremental improvements by States, rather than focus on historical achievements,” the Aayog said in a press release.

Feedback from


The index has been developed over several months, with inputs from domestic and international experts, including academicians and development partners as well as feedback from States.

The indicators in the index have been pre-tested in two States.

“This initiative is envisioned to bring about the much required improvements in social sector outcomes, which have not kept pace with the economic growth in this country.

It will be used to propel action in the States to improve health outcomes and improve data collection systems,” the think tank said.

The health i…