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Current Affairs MCQ14 February 2017

Q - Which of the following is correct regarding chemical weapons convention? 1. It is administered by United Nations Security council 
2. Russia recently decided to remove its chemical weapon stockpiles A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. Both
D. None. . . . . . Answer B Q - Which of the following state governments has recently launched e-Prison project? A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Tamil Nadu.
. Q - India recently signed Hague code of conduct. What is this code related to? A. It prohibites the illegal trade of animal parts
B. It works to improve the banking regulations
C. It works to contain the spread of ballistic missiles
D. None of the above. . . . . . Answer C . . . . . Answer C

Current Affairs MCQ16 February 2017

Q. Article 239 AA is related to which of the following? A. Special power given to State of Jammu and Kashmir
B. Special power to State of Manipur
C. Special power to NCT Delhi and Puduchery
D. Special power to NCT Delhi only. . . . . . Answer D Q. Which of the following is correct regarding PSLV C37? 1. It placed satellites in sun-synchronous orbit
2. PSLV-C37 broke the earlier record of launching 37 satellites by a Russian rocket A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. Both
D. None. . . . . . Answer C Q. Which of the following is correct regarding India’s current account deficit (CAD)? 1. India’s yearly CAD in terms of GDP has continuously increased during last decade
2. India has highest trade deficit with the USA A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. Both
D. None. . . . . . Answer A

Current Affair MCQ 13 feb 2017.

Q.‘Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action’, often seen in the news, is (a) a strategy to tackle the regional terrorism, an outcome of a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
(b) a plan of action for sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific Region, an outcome of the deliberations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum
(c) an agenda for women’s empowerment, an outcome of a World Conference convened by the United Nations
(d) a strategy to combat wildlife trafficking, a declaration of the East Asia Summit. . . . . . Answer C

Britain’s moral failure (the hindu)

Ditching the Dubs child refugee scheme is shocking but consistent with the U.K.’s refrain of the refugee crisis

There could not have been a more baffling decision by the British government than to ditch a scheme to grant asylum to child refugees from Europe. Equally, the move betrays a shocking reluctance to demonstrate moral leadership in the face of the unprecedented challenge triggered by mass migrations from the world’s bloody conflict zones.

All the same, the step to discontinue the asylum scheme is consistent with the U.K.’s consistent yet controversial refrain right from the beginning of the refugee crisis. It has been London’s view that providing shelter to those who have already entered the shores of Europe would amount to a perverse incentive to many more millions in West Asia to undertake the risky journey. Such an assumption explains in large part London’s response to the plight of hundreds of children stranded in the so-called Calais ‘Jungle’ camp across the border with …