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Turing’s thesis on morphogenesis validated

Ever wondered what causes the variety of patterns we see in nature — a zebra’s stripes, the leopard’s spots or the alternating arrangement of leaves on a plant’s branches? How do cells which are identical to start with, differentiate and form regular patterns? There indeed is a scientific explanation for it, and it has been now validated by experiments, too.

A new online software disburses farm loan details

Special ArrangementThe new online farm calculator.
Getting a crop loan from a bank and after repaying the entire amount getting back the land or house papers submitted as collateral security for availing the loan are not easy tasks. “Farmers know well how hard it is to get a bank loan today. In several cases they are often in the dark about their eligibility for applying or interest calculated on their loan amount disbursed.

Japan lab says stem cell research falsified

A Japanese government-funded laboratory said on Tuesday it found that data in a widely heralded stem cell research paper was falsified, holding the lead researcher responsible for the fabrication.The research results from the Riken Centre for Development Biology in Kobe, western Japan, were seen as a possible groundbreaking method for growing tissue to treat illnesses such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease using a simple lab procedure.

Mass hatching of Olive Ridley eggs soon

Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings at Rushikulya rookery in Ganjam district. Photo: Lingaraj Panda
Mass hatching of Olive Ridley turtle eggs at Rushikulya rookery in Odisha, a major nesting site of these endangered marine turtles, is expected to start soon.Forest officials have completed preparations for the mass hatching to reduce turtle deaths. Local villagers and conservation organisations are also working to protect the turtle eggs buried in the sand for incubation.Speaking to The Hindu, Divisional

What ails Indian science?

PTISriharikota: India successfully launched its first mission to Mars on board PSLV C25 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
Indian science’s bureaucratic mentality values administrative power over achievements “Getting funding [for research] is easy in India,” said Dr. Mathai Joseph “because there is no competition here. Money is not scarce [though R&D spending is less than 1 per cent of GDP]. But

News summary for THiS WEEK (Mar 29 – Apr 4) learn with fun

Concept: a.s.ganeshText: anjana krishnanDesign: k.b.jawaharrphotos: afp, AP, Reuters, PTI, the hindu

Threat of disintegration

The fragile Libyan constitutional arrangement, reached after the dictator Muammar Qadhafi was overthrown in a regime-change operation instigated by NATO governments under cover of a United Nations no-fly resolution in 2011, is disintegrating. Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who was kidnapped on October 10, 2013 and released within a few hours, fled the country in March 2014 after the General

A Hindutva variant of neo-liberalism

The linkage between the Hindu assertion, material prosperity and economic growth is what makes the idea of Hindutva rate of growth, as opposed to the ‘Hindu rate of growth,’ which is a derisive description of a slow economy “Jo Hindu hit ki baat karega, wohi desh par raj karega — only he who promotes the Hindu interests will rule the country” declared a huge poster of Mr. Narendra Modi outside the Bharatiya Janata Party’s headquarters in New Delhi in December 2007 when he won his second victory in Gujarat. That election — and not December 2012, when he won the third election — could be seen as the launch of Mr. Modi’s version of Hindu politics, which has been a distinct improvisation of its original version.