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The phenomenon called ‘female financial paradox’

Yet many women lag behind men when it comes to using assets to plan and build financial security....
Women are a growing economic force and expected to add about $6 trillion in earned income globally over next five years according to the research by the Boston Consulting Group. Yet many women lag behind men when it comes to using those assets to plan and build financial security. This phenomenon is termed as “the female financial paradox”. In Delhi, many women see financial planning as a way to protect themselves against the unexpected. The problem with concentrating savings in lower risk assets like cash is that money will not grow fast enough to help fund retirement and other long-term goals. One area where women need help is to learn — how and where to invest. However, the stock market and women still seem poles apart. Why does financial literacy and stock market appear so dull on the women front?

Political recipe for environmental disaster

The HinduLOOKING AHEAD: The Polavaram project shows that Odisha should revisit all inter-State river water sharing agreements, which will pave the way for settlement of water disputes and for comprehensive development of the water sector in the State. In the picture, tribals from Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha stage a protest against the project.
The Polavaram multipurpose project has faced rough weather with non-compliance of environmental assessment and large-scale displacement